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Mainframe Defenders Now Available

Mainframe Defenders is a classic turn-based strategy game that pays tribute to the classic series such as X-COM (1994), MechCommander (1998), and Syndicate (1987). We wanted to bring the player back to the days of old school games, when the story was presented in text format and the authors exercised their creativity, which is what we still cherish about the ’80s and ’90s.

Mainframe Defenders

Mainframe Defenders is set at “Stargazer” research complex, where a computer virus infected the artificial intelligence controlling the complex and took over the local equipment. Naturally, this leads to complete and utter chaos and destruction. The player takes on the role of a defense algorithm which protects the AI from the machines running rampant.

The game is divided into a series of missions with different objectives. Upon their completion the player receives various rewards that can help them develop mechanical robots and find clues to get to the bottom of the plot. The gaming universe is designed in the retro style of 80s’ computer terminals. The player has four units per mission. Choosing the right tactics can lead to victory after the enemy’s mechs are outnumbered.

Mainframe Defenders

Where the game truly shines is in its engaging gameplay and high replay value. This is what we spent most of the time on while developing it. We really tried to hone this aspect to keep our players happy.

The main highlight of the game is its customization. You receive spare parts as mission rewards. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you can get. The content of the store changes after the battle. There are three types of items depending on their rarity – the higher it is, the more difficult it is to get them. This is where the most hardcore mechanic comes into play.

Mainframe Defenders

Mainframe Defenders combines “VHS style” with some synth music imitating ’80s workstations. Breaking cordons by destroying obstacles and walls. Armor-piercing ammo dealing high and corrosive damage. High-quality squad assemblies, tactical battle trophies on an old LCD display… The OS ready to boot and the system is going haywire, which means it’s time to show that malicious virus behind green pixels and powerful mechs who’s the real boss here.

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Mainframe Defenders

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MAINFRAME DEFENDERS – tactical retrofuturistic strategy game. A computer virus has infiltrated the "Stargazer" research complex. Most of the robotic units are controlled by the virus. Lead a squad of 4 prototypes on a mission to defend complex mainframe. You'll have to repel assaults, destroy unit fabricators, download valuable data, clear infected nodes, and do more on your way to the deepest parts of the complex. Work with item limitations and drawbacks to build powerful combinations. Destroy your enemies with diverse tactics: overheat them, melt with corrosion, absorb damage, and return fire. But don't rely on a single strategy too much – enemies might have a way to counter it. But above everything else: defend the Mainframe!

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