February 1, 2023

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Loop Hero is nothing like Monopoly and it really reminds me of Monopoly

Loop Hero is nothing like Monopoly. What is it like? It’s kind of an RPG, and kind of an idle game. But it’s not as much of an RPG as it seems, and really it’s nothing like an idle game to play half the time.

In Loop Hero you look after a little adventurer as they walk in loops, battling monsters. The monsters and the loops, the walking and the battling, most of this is automated. Off your adventure goes and when they meet a blob they whack it. When they meet a spider they whack it. When they – you get it.

Enemies when defeated drop armour and weapons, which make the adventurer better at whacking things. You have to choose between the items you get and build the best ever-changing loadout. But enemies also drop cards, and cards are where it gets interesting. The cards allow you to build up the landscape around the loop. Rocks and mountains and treasuries all give you resources. Placement is a bit of a game – you’re trying to slot the cards where they most want to be in order to maximise the resource payout. But there are also cards that you can put on the loop that your adventurer walks. Maybe these will give you a graveyard, which will grant you skeletons to fight, or they might give you a spooky house, which will grant you vampires.

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