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Looking forward: the snug pleasure of small worlds

Hello! We’re going to start the year off with a handful of pieces looking forward to 2022. Sometimes we’ll be looking at trends we’ve spotted or themes that will probably be continuing to define things in games for a while. Sometimes we’ll just be thinking about things we’ve enjoyed and where they could lead. Have a lovely new year all!

I don’t know if you’ve ever used one of those run tracking apps, but then left it going by accident for a really long time in your pocket and only discovered it days later after it’s recorded hours and hours of your aimless wombling around? It can be quietly illuminating. A lot of us, I suspect, live daily lives that unfold in quite a limited space. Covid has only drawn things in closer, of course, but I know that I live a lot of my life these days in my house, and then in an outdoor space bounded by two parks, a local Tesco, and the sea.

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