January 26, 2023

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Live, die, try again in Revita

Revita is a very hard blend of roguelite and twin-stick shooter, which I am terrible at but quite enjoying. Breaking down those two terms a little, it offers procedural scrambling of enemies in amidst persistent progress – you die and die but eventually you will get somewhere – and you aim with one stick and move with another.

But it’s not top-down like a lot of twin-sticks. It’s a side-on 2D platformer, and one with a control scheme that at first took me quite a lot of getting used to. Enemies come at you quick in the game’s small arenas, so keeping your distant is crucial. Revita maps a jump and dash to the left bumper and trigger respectively, in the standard control method that it encourages you quite strongly to use. I am a slow learner with new things, and this has left me feeling a bit lop-sided. I switched to a more standard control layout briefly, but while that put jump and dash on face buttons it messed up aiming for me. So I am powering through with the standard layout as I was told to do.

There are two things I already love about this game. One is the art style, which uses chunky pixels to create a world that I am eager to explore. The main hub area so far is a train station, and the first boss I fought – I don’t think I was able to win – hangs out in a clock tower. The only thing I love more than train stations and clock towers is elevators – I am weird – and that’s how you move between levels. Revita, throw in a lighthouse and I am yours for life.

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