March 24, 2023

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Last year’s Ubisoft hostage hoax reportedly the work of notorious Rainbow Six cheater

The hostage hoax that saw armed police rush to the offices of Ubisoft Montreal while dozens of employees barricaded themselves on the rooftop for safety was the work of a notorious Rainbow Six cheater, says a new report by Canadian newspaper La Presse.

According to court documents obtained by La Presse, the catalyst for last year’s police response was a hoax call from an individual claiming that five men had taken 40 employees hostage at Ubisoft – and that they would “blow up everything” if demands for a $2m ransom weren’t met. Employees were later safely escorted off the premises as police continued to investigate the scene, but La Presse reports the incident didn’t mark the end of the caller’s malicious campaign.

In December, for instance, an individual allegedly claimed to have placed a bomb near the daycare facility within Ubisoft Montreal’s offices, while another call in January claimed a senior Ubisoft employee had been shot in the head following another hostage incident. In both cases, the police are said to have made more “discreet” checks instead of immediately launching a major operation such as the one seen in November.

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