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Krampus is causing havoc in Warzone, and the community is torn.

If you’ve jumped into Call of Duty Vanguard or Warzone in the past few days, you’ll inevitably have run into Krampus. This winter terror has been causing mayem across multiplayer game modes in both games, chasing down players and beating them to a pulp until they’re either dead, or the player manages to whittle down Krampus’ health.

Obviously this is just a fun addition to the holiday seasonal event – adding a level of uncertainty and panic to your daily weapon XP grind or Warzone games with your squad of friends. However, Krampus has thrust open a chasm within the community. Is Krampus a wacky adversary meant to keep you on your toes? Or is he the great ruiner of Warzone wins?

Let’s start with the negative outlook, as this seems to be the stance the vocal portion of the community is taking. The main source of frustration comes from Krampus’ appearance in every game mode. This means that if you’re genuinely trying to win a tense game of Warzone solos, you may be notified the big man is on his way.

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