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It was good for a while, but cheaters are getting around Warzone’s Ricochet anti-cheat

Welp, it was good while it lasted. Warzone players have been reporting an increasing number of run-ins with cheaters recently. While the much-hyped Ricochet anti-cheat has led to vast improvements to the battle royale experience when it first dropped, it would appear that the more nefarious players out there have figured out a way around it.

The Ricochet anti-cheat is a kernel-level bit of software added to Warzone late last year around the release of the new Caldera map. Mandatory for all players, it was able to stamp out many of the cheats players were using and resulted in waves of bans.

However, the sweet catharsis we all felt appears to have been short lived. Peaking at the official Warzone reddit there are reports of cheaters returning to ruin the fun. One such post by user VinniGreti begs for console-only crossplay, so that console players can stay away from cheaters on PC who could potentially shatter their hopes of a Warzone win.

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