August 8, 2022

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Hyrule Warriors: How Amiibo Work with Age of Calamity

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Amiibos in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity offer an extra bonus for players who own Nintendo’s NFC capable figurines. While the rewards aren’t anything spectacular, they are still simple to activate and worth scanning in daily.

How To Use Amiibo in Age of Calamity

Scanning amiibo in Age of Calamity will earn you rewards that you can use in the main game These consist of weapons and materials. To scan an amiibo in:

  • Boot up the game and get to the title screen.
  • Select the “amiibo” option in the menu.
  • Plop your amiibo in the center of your Pro Controller or on top of your right Joy-Con controller.
  • Recieve rewards.

Compatible Amiibo and Rewards

Scanning in any amiibo will net you a random reward. This can include a new weapon with a seal or a random assortment of materials. For that reason, all amiibos are compatible. Whether you use a Breath of the Wild amiibo, a Zelda series amiibo, or something random like the Shovel Knight amiibo, the rewards seem to be generally the same.

Amiibo Limits and What To Do After

You can scan up to five amiibos per day. Trying to scan a fifth amiibo will get you a prompt letting you know you can’t receive any additional rewards for today.

Do take note, if you have two amiibo that are the same character but a different variation, you’ll only be able to scan one of them. For example, if you have a Super Smash Bros. version of Mario and the standard version of Mario, you’ll only be able to scan one in per day.


After you scan in your amiibos and collect your rewards, make sure you hit Continue on the menu to return or start your game. If you turn off the game at the title screen, your rewards won’t be saved!

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