November 26, 2022

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Hitman 3 Codes: door and safe code list for every keypad in every level

Agent 47 is a skilled assassin… but nothing is worse than a locked door.

Hitman 3 has a wonderful, open-ended series of levels which gradually escalate and challenge the player – but one thing every level of the game has in common is that each features at least one locked door or locked safes that will stand between you and valuable intelligence at the very least – and in some situations, these codes will stand between you and major mission objectives.

Remember, standard locked doors in Hitman can be tackled a few different ways. You can carry a lockpick into missions on your person – which is always very handy. You can also often find crowbars within missions, and these can be used to jimmy doors open. Some, however, are electronically locked – and that’s where these codes, and this guide to the Hitman 3 codes, comes in.

The Hitman 3 codes list below includes the codes for every locked safe and door we’ve found in Hitman 3. All you’ll need to do is enter the keypad code on the correct safe or door. This includes the code for the safe in Alexa Carlisle’s office in Dartmoor, which is hidden behind a little symbolic puzzle. Some codes on some levels, particularly Chongqing, apply to multiple doors – keep that in mind.

Hitman 3 Codes: unlock codes for keypads and safes

Hitman 3 has a selection of keypads and safes that’ll give you access to certain areas of levels, or certain items within levels. Here’s those codes.

Hitman 3 LocationCodeCode Opens:
Dubai4706Opens the doors that transition between the private Staff Areas and the public Atrium.
Naturally found on a whiteboard in the staff meeting room.
Dubai6927Opens the Security Room Safe on either of the floors where there is one. The safe contains a key that can be used on a panel in the Penthouse to trigger emergency evacuation of your targets, leading to a unique assassination window.
Naturally discovered on a security room notice board.
Dubai7465Opens the Safe in the Penthouse Guest room, on the second floor of the Penthouse. Contains a tablet.
Naturally found on a post-it note stuck to a computer screen.
Dartmoor1975Opens the Safe in Alexa Carlisle’s Office. The safe contains the Case File needed as a mission objective, but you can also get the Case File peacefully by solving the murder mystery.
Naturally found by discovering the plaques around the room that relate to the images on the safe.
Berlin1989Opens the safe found in Rolf Hirsschmuller’s Office, down in the second basement floor, guarded by many bikers.
Naturally found by overhearing guards discussing that the code is set to the year the Berlin wall fell.
Chongqing0118Opens the ICA Facility Door, ICA Apartment Door, and the Laundromat staircase door – highly-needed for many quests.
You can obtain it in multiple ways, including an Answer Machine in an apartment and overheard NPC dialogue.
Chongqing2552Opens the doors to the Arcade, Benchmark Lab, and Hush’s Private Lab.
You can find the code on a few different pieces of background art throughout the level.
Mendoza1945Allows you to reach the most vintage wine in the Wine Fridge by turning off the laser security.
Naturally discovered by overhearing guards talking about how the code is the year that World War II ended.
Mendoza2006Allows you to open the safe in the basement of the villa. Inside is a report, an interesting intel item.
Find this naturally by overhearing guard chatter that the date is the target’s wedding year – then see the date of their upcoming anniversary on a calendar in the Villa and count backwards to get 2006.
Carpathian Mountains1979Opens a side room where you can pick up an extra item.
The code is naturally found on a nearby poster, which makes it one of the more obvious ones.

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