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Here’s how you solve the PS5 download queue bug

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 20 November 2020 15:55 GMT

And you don’t need to reset your console!

Sony has posted a solution to the now-infamous download queue bug on PS5.

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In a post on Twitter, the platform holder said that those wrestling with this problem should update the system software to the most current version, then start their PS5 in safe mode before rebuilding the database.

Shortly after the console launch, reports started to pour in about PlayStation 5s running into issues when downloading content. The console appears to get stuck in an error loop when downloading games that stops users from actually accessing the title they are downloading. This leaves the download in a sort of limbo where players are unable to cancel it or restart it.

Last week, Sony said that the way to fix this was to do a factory reset on your PlayStation 5 – not an ideal solution, especially when people have likely just downloaded a whole load of games and updates onto the console’s SSD.

Downloads aren’t the only thing causing problems for the PlayStation 5. The console’s Rest Mode also seems to be to blame for a lot of issues and might be the root cause of a storage corruption issue that bricked a YouTuber’s PS5 within days of launch.

A new firmware update was rolled out for the PlayStation 5 earlier this week, boasting a number of improvements to the hardware’s performance.

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