November 29, 2022

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Here’s a closer look at Civilization 6’s newest expansion pass ruler Kublai Khan

Civilization 6’s New Frontier Pass expansion will receive its fifth major content update this Thursday, 28th January, and one of its most notable additions – alternate China and Mongolia leader Kublai Khan – has now been detailed more thoroughly in a new First Look video.

Kublai Khan’s inclusion in the New Frontier Pass was first announced last week, but developer Firaxis said it was saving the specifics of his leadership style for a later unveiling. With that day now here, Kublai Khan’s unique ability has been revealed as Gerege, which provides an extra economic policy slot to any government while also granting a random Eureka and Inspiration whenever a trading post is established in another civ’s city for the first time.

When leading China, Gerege can be used to “super-power innovation” by complementing the civilisation’s unique ability to gain increased research costs toward technologies and civics whenever a Eureka or Inspiration is triggered. As the leader of Mongolia, however, Khan can capitalise on the civilisation’s ability to immediately create trading posts whenever trade routes are established – meaning players will also get their Eureka and Inspirations straight away, unlike China, which must wait until a trade route finishes.

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