December 4, 2022

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Here’s a 5TB WD external hard drive for under £90

As our game libraries grow we’re all looking for a bit of extra storage space – especially with the limited capacity of last-gen consoles. Well, you can fix that problem permanently with this 5TB Western Digital My Passport external hard drive for less than £90.

Simply plug it into your PS4 or Xbox One via USB and you’ll get a bucket-load of extra storage to play with for game installs, updates and more. With many last-gen consoles offering just 500GB or 1TB of internal storage – and many big games now demanding upwards of 100GB at a time – a 5TB drive a considerable bump.

This WD drive would usually set you back a hefty £120 – and this is the cheapest it’s been since it briefly dropped to a surprisingly low £71 almost a year ago. Of course, if you don’t want it for your console, it’ll work perfectly well as expandable PC storage, too!

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