July 5, 2022

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Here are the Best Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion

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In Watch Dogs: Legion you can recruit anyone to be part of your team which can be great but also overwhelming. Here are the Best Recruits you can get.

Best Recruits

Below is our list for the best recruits. We start with general recommendations and then go into our personal favorite operatives.

  • Get Uniformed Access Operatives. From Construction Workers to Albion Contractors, operatives that have certain jobs get uniform access when dressed in their uniforms. Having these members on your team mean you walk into certain areas and have a lower detection rate.
  • Skilled Recruits (green markers on your map). If you’re not interested in experiments and guess work, just target Skilled Recruits. Bagley will add them to your map for you. Just be sure to go after them ASAP because these markers have a time limit (ex. you have 25 minutes to talk to the recruit before they vanish off your map).
  • Free Boroughs for More Skilled Recruits. Freeing Boroughs adds a skilled recruit to your team so that’s all the more reason to rise up against Albion.
  • Pick Based on Perks. Operatives come with different perks and abilities. Below we’ll get into some of our favorites but be sure to always check out what skills someone has and picked the person that best fits your playstyle and needs.
  • Paramedic. Having a Paramedic on your team will help your operatives heal faster when injured.
  • Barrister. Having a Barrister on your team will decrease the amount of time your operatives spend in jail when arrested.
  • Anarchist. This operative takes less melee damage and has gas immunity.
  • Bee Keeper. Besides being a blast to play because they’re a freaking Bee Keeper. They can send a swarm of robotic bees to enemies and their unique Overcharger Weapon. You can find them attending their mechanical hives around parks or gardens so head to those areas to recruit one.
  • Getaway Driver. If you’re constantly being chased by Albion the Getaway drive may be for you since their perk stops them from being pursued by Chase Drones completely, making it easier to escape. Plus they come with a speedy getaway car and the ability to hack nearby cars out of their way.
  • Football Hooligan. Equipped with the Rally Cry ability this football hooligan can summon friends to bring down some pain – melee style! They can also get drunk on command which allows them to take less damage.
  • Protest Leader. This operative can get up to 4 random citizens to become temporary DedSec allies. Plus they have tear gas at the ready.
  • Spy. Powerful weapons, a sleek car (with an AR Cloak and weapons), and the ability to hack enemies directly.
  • Drone Expert. If you love controlling drones this operative can hack just about any of them and attack in just about any way.
  • Hitman. Being able to rush people and do takedowns even when enemies can see you is a nifty trick,
  • Your total list of team members (potential recruits and current operatives) has a limit. The number may fluctuate but a bit over 40 is where it comes to a halt. Plan your team carefully and remember you can clear up space by Retiring team members.
  • Unlock the Deep Profiler. This is key for having all recruitment options available because it lets you see people’s schedules and investigate recruitment leads.
  • Save People From Albion Out in the Open World. If you save people who are out and about you may be able to recruit them directly, skipping their recruitment mission entirely!
  • Do Not Recruit Folks With Two Thumbs Down Attitudes. These recruits may try to hurt or kidnap your team.

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