May 26, 2022

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Grid Legends preview: Despite Codemasters’ best efforts, the series is only just staying on-track

It’s a particularly tough time for racing games that aren’t Forza or Gran Turismo. The old style of closed-circuit racing with a lot of recycled content, static progression, some light customisation, and standard multiplayer feels lost and outdated in today’s world.

I’ve always worried that this mid-tier of racing games will one day vanish, and Grid Legends certainly isn’t helping me let go of that notion.

Grid Legends is Codemasters’ latest attempt to try and find a place for this style of game in a world where Forza Horizon is dragging the genre into the mainstream. Traditionally, Grid games have operated under moderate budgets – enough for satisfying handling mechanics and the usual assortment of content across mostly-known circuits. Beyond that, you couldn’t really expect much from it.

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