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Got an Apple Music subscription? You can now download it on your PS5

PS5 owners will now be able to play music in the background of their gaming session using the new Apple Music app that’s just launched on the console. For the cost of a subscription to the music service, you’ll be able to access the all 90 million songs in the library, music videos, playlists and radio stations at any time from the comfort of your overpriced gaming chair.

Via an official PlayStation blog post, Apple music will act as a fully integrated service on your PS5. Those who download Apple Music will be able to freely play music in the background of the games they’re playing, as well as music video playback that’ll allow your favourite music video to continue playing in the background while you jump into a quick game.

Aside from the obvious excitement at the prospect of playing Cardi B’s WAP on loop during Destiny 2 strikes, this is a nice addition to the PS5 that’ll allow players to better set the mood when they’re getting their game on. This marks the PS5 as the first console with Apple Music available, where it joins Spotify as a source for all your music needs.

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