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Goldeneye 007 Xbox Achievements appear on website, hinting at new port

Xbox Achievements site TrueAchievements (thanks Wario64) posted a list of achievements for Goldeneye 007, a curious thing since that game doesn’t exist on Xbox platforms and indicates a possible leak of an upcoming port of the foundational FPS.

This is exciting because we haven’t seen a port of the game ever, leaving it trapped on the N64 due to a tangle of licensing agreements between developer Rare, Nintendo, and MGM. The closest we’ve seen to a Goldeneye resurgence is the Wii reimagining that bore very little resemblance to the original game. A port for Xbox Live Arcade was leaked earlier in 2021, but obviously that never saw the light of day until the leak. Rare has tried multiple times to get a port out into the world, but every time has been shot down. That may be changing though, and none too soon.

Recent signs point to the game coming back for modern consoles. The game’s ban in Germany was recently lifted, which initially suggested that the game could come to Nintendo Switch Online. But when paired with the new Achievements, this could point to the game appearing on Microsoft’s consoles instead.

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