October 3, 2022

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Godfall Tips and Tricks

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This section of the guide will inform you of all the best tips and tricks for playing through Godfall, including some things the game doesn’t tell you. This page will be updated with any helpful tips as they are discovered.

  • Check your inventory regularly; loot drops are abundant and you’ll likely get something better than what you have very quickly.
  • Use your Spirit Vision to find valuable items including Motherlodes, chests, and codex entries.
  • Every weapon has different combo abilities. Use the training area inside the Sanctum to practice and hone your skills.
  • There are many breakable objects scattered around each level. While they may not seem like much more than decor, they can sometimes contain crafting materials and health.
  • Check the Codex in your menu to learn about some of the finer details in the game like what Blessings and Marks are, the various status ailments, and more. Many of these things are not explained by playing, instead requiring you to read them here.
  • Remember the locations of Motherlodes, chests, and other collectible items as they can always be found in the same place. This is helpful as you can farm specific materials when replaying missions.

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