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Get to know Coffee Talk creator Fahmi in The New Eurogamer Podcast

Episode five of The New Eurogamer Podcast is now available to all. Eurogamer supporters: there will be a new Podcast episode for you tomorrow featuring long-time – and sadly now departing – Eurogamer writer and editor Oli Welsh. But now, back to episode five…

The story goes that Fahmi was drinking a warm green tea latte one cold rainy night, looking out of his window, when an idea hit him. He felt serenely calm and warm and wondered, ‘Why isn’t there a game that makes me feel like this?’ So an idea began to, ahem, percolate in his mind. An idea about a game in which you serve warm drinks in a cafe late at night, and listen to people tell you their troubles and tales. People who happen to be succubi and orcs and werewolves and vampires, but people with problems just like ours. And lo, Coffee Talk was born.

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