February 1, 2023

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Gamesplanet’s 15th anniversary sale continues with discounted RPG and adventure games

Gamesplanet’s 15th anniversary sale continues, but now the focus is off horror games and onto all manner of RPGs, adventure games and narrative-focused classics. There’s a great mix of games here, ranging from big titles to unique indies. Also a lot of JRPGs. Seriously, a LOT of those.

For those who aren’t experienced with Gamesplanet, it basically deals in game codes (usually for the PC). Depending on the game and availability, you’ll be able to redeem via Steam, Epic, Battle.net, GOG, Origin, Uplay, and any number of others, so your preferred storefront shouldn’t be too much of a barrier. You can head straight to the storefront here, or check out some of the best deals below!

Anybody who also spends eight pounds or more can also enter the code RPGPARTY to get a free key for the complete season of the video game, “The Council”. Our sister site Rock Paper Shotgun considers it pretty… interesting, to say the least, a dialogue-focused experience about world leaders meeting in the late 1700s for mysterious reasons. Those who feel like a shorter, more experimental play would do well to make the most of this opportunity while it still lasts.

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