July 5, 2022

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Game & Watch Super Mario Bros Hides TONS of Tiny Secrets: Here’s What We’ve Found

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This page contains Cheats, Secrets, and a complete list of the many things that can happen in the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. handheld game TIME mode. Nintendo promised “35 little touches to discover” and we are looking to find them all and document them here, although it’s unclear what constitutes a “little touch.”

Secret “The Mario Drawing Song” Video

Hold A for five seconds during TIME mode to open a menu screen for The Mario Drawing Song. You can watch this song with subtitles in multiple languages. Select a language and… learn how to draw Mario!

Add an Enemy

In Time/Watch Mode, hit A or B to add a koopa or a koopa paratroopa or sometimes alternate enemies at any time. Some modes won’t allow you to add enemies.

Brick Color Changes

In Time/Watch Mode, the numbers will flash red + yellow if you mash A + B at the same time. You’ll also probably drop an enemy (see above).

Change the Backgrounds

Hit the TIME button to change the background.

  • Bricks like World 1-1 in Super Mario Bros.
  • Treetops like World 1-3 in Super Mario Bros.
  • Mushrooms like the special zone in World 1-2 in Super Mario Bros.


Here’s a list of enemies and guests that may appear in your Game & Watch TIME mode:

Enemy Types

  • Goombas fall in from the upper right and patrol the ground.
  • A flying koopa appears from the upper right. It can get trapped in a 0.
  • A bob-omb shows up and detonates amongst goombas.
  • Shy guys drop in from the upper right.
  • Dry bones appears and repeatedly comes back to life after Mario stomps it.
  • A bullet bill cannon replaces the rightmost pipe.
  • Beetle bugs drop in from upper right.
  • A hammer brother hops in to throw hammers.
  • Boos appear and maraud around the top of the screen.
  • A piranha plant comes out of the right pipe.
  • Lakitu appears and tosses spiny enemies at Mario from above.
  • Bloopers appear on the screen and swim upwards through the air.

Guest Appearances

  • Four colors of Yoshi walk onto screen.
  • Luigi replaces Mario for a minute.

Other Activities and Appearances

  • A star appears in the colon (:) and Mario uses it to slaughter enemies.
  • Mario does a backwards moonwalk across the screen.
  • Lakitu appears while you change the time and drops a wrench on Mario once you are done.
  • A pipe arises to take Mario to an underwater level where he collects coins and leaves through another pipe.
  • A plant takes Mario to a cloud level where he collects coins.
  • Fireworks appear on screen.
  • At 7PM day begins to turn to night,
  • A meteor shower of stars appears.
  • At 4am, night begins to turn to day.

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