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Game Pass Gem: Unpacking is the kind of game you wish you’d thought of

I had zero interest in Unpacking. A game about taking items out of boxes to fill new apartments and houses didn’t excite me at all. The game looked nice enough, and I’d seen it in at least one showcase streaming event, but releasing in November, when I had a million and one other things to cover, cemented in my mind the fact that this is one I’d simply ignore. Then the magic of Game Pass took over, I installed Unpacking on a whim, and I can’t believe I’m enjoying placing dishes as much as I am.

To be clear, I’m not even through one of the game’s photo books yet, so I’ve yet to see how the subtle environmental storytelling plays out (although the game is already doing a great job without saying a single word), but I just wanted to give you all a gentle push to give this a go as soon as possible.

Essentially you’re given a room or multiple rooms to fill with stuff. Your stuff. Stuff that has come with you from a previous home and life, and must now be given a place in your new home. Click on a cardboard box and an item is revealed, then you can place this item in your room/home, wherever you want, to a degree.

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