March 30, 2023

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Game Builder Garage promises a Nintendo masterclass in creativity

Nodon. I’m sorry? Nodon. Not Monad. Nodon. Funny word – a palindrome, which is always money in the bank. I picture a sort of spring, for some reason, a springy, chewy, bouncy thing, each side contracting inwards to that central D, that pivot. Nodon is a brilliant word. It sounds like the sort of thing you might have filling a useful drawer somewhere in the back of the shed. “Could you get me the portable hot-plate? It’s next to the Nodons.” It sounds like the ambassador from an alien race who has already promised to help with our whole carbon emissions thing. All considered, I hope whoever came up with Nodon got a day off in lieu.

Nodon is one of the stars of Nintendo’s new game. Or rather Nodon are, because they are many. Nodon are legion. “There’s a Nodon for that,” you might say, reaching for some ludic variation of that drawer in the shed. Quite. There probably is a Nodon for that. The other star is you, because Nintendo’s new game is not a game at all, really, but rather a tool for making games. There are plenty of these tools, right, and yes, Nintendo has made a few. It’s made a few game-making tools that were pretty much games in themselves actually. And now it’s made another. And this one comes with Nodons in it.

Game Builder Garage will be exclusive to the eShop when it launches on the 11th of June. It’s a selection of tools for making games. Any kind of games! Test it! And it’s built around seven lessons. Each lesson teaches you how to make a specific game in a specific genre. The lessons promise to be funny, and playful, and they will build on one another. After the first lesson is done, though, you’ll unlock a mode that allows you to freely create, so you won’t be constrained by the lessons or their genres for long.

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