July 4, 2022

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Gallery: Game Freak Has Moved In With Nintendo, And The New Offices Look Sublime

Here's an office space inspired by Pokémon Red and Blue's Lavender Town
Here’s an office space inspired by Pokémon Red and Blue’s Lavender Town (Image: Nacasa & Partners / Canuch Inc.)

Earlier this year, it was reported that Pokémon developer Game Freak would soon be moving its headquarters to Kanda-Nishikicho in Tokyo. That move now appears to be complete, with the ever-growing company joining Nintendo – which has also recently transformed a number offices into one larger space – in the very same building, Kanda Square.

A profile for Game Freak’s new offices has now been shared on Office Snapshots, giving us a good look inside the swanky new HQ. To say it looks good would be an understatement; there are more rooms than we can count, each looking as immaculate as the last, and every single space – be it a room or corridor – has been inspired by Pokémon Red and Blue, the games that kickstarted the company’s journey.

“The motif for the office design is “Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Green Version”, and the office itself is configured to be a game world. The lobby area, which is the starting point for the adventure, portrays Viridian Forest by expressing the cries of Pokémon, sunlight, and living trees and creatures. All the meeting rooms are named after towns featured in the game. The color that the town name is based on is used in the room’s motif. For example, the origin of Pallet Town in the game is white. From this element of white, we imagined a blank canvas and planned the design concept using corresponding textures and color schemes.”

You can read more about it over on Office Snapshots if you’re interested, but here’s a look inside. The offices were designed by Canuch Inc., with construction handled by Sumisho Building Management and photography by Nacasa & Partners:

Can you imagine being at work, someone asks you where the toilets are, and you reply, ‘Yeah sure, just go past the Cerulean City room, through the Charizard doors, and it’s on your right’?!

Career goals.