July 24, 2021

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Frontier details on-foot combat in latest Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion trailer

Elite Dangerous’ highly anticipated Odyssey expansion isn’t too far away now, and developer Frontier is continuing its pre-launch promotional blitz with a new developer video, this time showcasing the kind of combat Commanders will be able to experience when they finally receive their space-legs early next year.

Come the arrival of Odyssey, players will, for the first time, be able to leave the confines of their space vessels and stroll about Elite Dangerous’ vast galaxy on-foot, exploring everything from shiny space stations to dusty desert outposts in first-person.

This, as Frontier explains in its latest video, necessitates a bit of a mentality shift when it comes to combat, with players needing to develop a whole new set of skills as they make the jump from “bold, daring star pilot to vulnerable on-foot troop”.

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