April 10, 2021

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Free Radical’s cult classic psychokinetic thriller Second Sight returns to Steam

Second Sight, the cult classic psychokinetic thriller from TimeSplitters developer Free Radical Design, has re-appeared on Steam after an eight-year absence.

First released 2004, Second Sight casts players as a parapsychology researcher who wakes in a mysterious medical facility with no memory of his past. On the upside, he’s now imbued with a steadily expanding arsenal of psychic powers – including telekinesis, projection, and possession – which prove particularly useful as players stealth and shoot their way toward the truth.

“A key ingredient in [Second Sight’s] success is its engaging concept, which comes layered with a satisfying narrative structure and credible characters,” wrote Eurogamer in its 8/10 review back in 2004. “Factor in Free Radical’s trademark attention to detail and instantly gratifying controls and it’s a game you can’t help but be drawn to.”

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