March 30, 2023

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Four years later, the Nier: Automata mod that upgrades over 300 HD textures is out

Nier Automata

If you want to play Nier: Automata again, or experience the game for the first time with some amazing updated visuals, we’ve got some good news for you.

The final version of GPUnity’s texture pack is now available, and it makes some impressive changes to the overall game. The mod – which has been in the works since the game launched for PC back in 2017 – updates low-resolution textures and allows for more visual consistency in the game by fixing textures across various areas.

“My goal is to provide a natural restoration to the low-res textures, maintaining the intended look,” creator GPUnity wrote on Steam – and by the looks of the trailer, that goal has certainly been achieved.

Better yet, there’s a ‘lite’ version of the mod for gamers eager to upgrade the title and enjoy the updated textures on lower-end PC rigs, too.

The mod contains over 300 improved and updated textures – including for character models 2B and A2 – all at the cost of only a minor performance drop. You can check out the difference in the trailer below.

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If you want to install and run this mod yourself, it’s worth noting that you’ll need Kaldaien’s ‘Fix Automata Resolution’ mod installed, too, which allows texture interjection in Square Enix’s introspective RPG hit.

With these mods installed, you should just about be able to make the game run as well as you’d expect from a PC game, giving you a great reason to jump back into the game that introduced Yoko Taro’s weird and wonderful world to the mainstream if you’ve seen all the coverage of Nier Replicant and have a hankering for the haunting series once more.

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