March 30, 2023

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Fortnite plans included Lady Gaga concert, The Rock, and a Metroid cross-over

Looks like Epic Games has, or had, some big plans for Fornite.

According to documents from June 2020, Epic had some interesting plans for Fortnite players, such as concerts with big names and the addition of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the game as part of the Icon Series.

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The documents state that The Rock was slated to come to the game during Q1 this year, which ending in March. This doesn’t mean the actor isn’t coming to the game at a later date.

In June 2020, in-game concerts were stated to include J Balvin in September, Ariana Grande in October, and Lady Gaga was set to come to the game in December. In reality, J Balvin’s concert was held in October.

Whether Ariana and Gaga shows are still planned is unknown, but at present, Gaga is busy on-set in Rome.

Documents also show that NBA and LeBron James skins are part of the plan and that at one time, a Metroid cross-over was in the works.

It would have seen Samus added to the game in a similar fashion to Kratos, Aloy, and Master Chief. It is unknown at present whether the Nintendo character is still coming to the game, but the original plan was to release Samus as part of the now-concluded bounty hunter season.

Other characters which could have been part of the bounty season included Snake Plissken from Escape from LA, Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games, The Bride from Kill Bill, and others.

This is just the latest bit of information coming out of the Apple and Epic Games trial.

During this time we have learned that Sony charges fees for cross-play, how much money Epic spent on the Borderlands 3 exclusivity deal, and how Epic spent  $11.6 million on free games in the first nine months of the Epic Games Store’s opening.

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