February 4, 2023

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Fallout 76’s 2021 roadmap promises new story content, expanded Daily Ops and more

Bethesda has shared a new Fallout 76 development roadmap, detailing the various additions coming to the online survival adventure throughout 2021, including new Brotherhood story content, multiple CAMP slots, and more.

Proceedings get underway with Fallout 76’s Locked & Loaded update, set to arrive in “spring”. This is primarily focussed on quality of life features, introducing the likes of SPECIAL Loadouts, which make it possible to quickly switch between builds. Specifically, players can reboot their points from level 25 onward, saving custom point allocations to swap in and out at will.

Then there are new CAMP slots, enabling players to build and maintain more than one camp at a time, as well an expansion to Daily Ops, said to nearly double the amount of randomised content currently available. More details on the above, and other quality of life features coming to Fallout 76 in spring can be found on the official website.

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