December 2, 2022

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Everspace 2 – lovely shooting, lovely looting, and the caves are brilliant too

That detonator drone. Cor! Drones can be a bit dull in games – stuff to swat away in annoyance in the latest Ubisoft offering, stuff you know is the sort of thing that can probably be picked up at Currys. But in Everspace 2, those drones. Those detonator drones. Lovely.

It’s a clever blend. They are Asimov and Popcap, Foundation and Peggle. They come at you and explode. So far, so drone. But as they approach they ring out these escalating notes. I’m back with Jimmy Lightning, the ball bouncing over pins one to three four – Ode to Joy! Except it’s inverted. I’m frantic to stop the escalation, to shoot it away or EMP it or dash to safety.

Everspace 2 is the space game I didn’t know I wanted. Now it’s here I really want it. And I wonder why I wasn’t initially that excited.

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