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Devolver Digital-published isometric RPG Weird West delayed to March 31

Devolver Digital and developer WolfEye Studios announced (thanks RPG Site) that action RPG/immersive sim hybrid Weird West would be delayed to March 31 to make it more immersive and weird, pushing the game two months past its original release date of January.

Made up of veterans of immersive sim exemplars like Dishonored and Prey, WolfEye Studios aimed to make a game with a western setting mixed with stranger, supernatural elements in the mold of something like Diablo meets Fallout. Creative director Raf Colantonio explained the reasoning behind the delay:

Announced in 2020 during a Devolver Direct, Weird West touted its team made up of Arkane Studios devs. Then, back in October, the release date was set for January, though obviously WolfEye now feels like it needs more time to deliver the best game it can. Hopefully it will be worth the wait when it does hit.

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