November 26, 2022

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Destruction AllStars Character Abilities | Every Car and Hero Breaker explained

Destruction AllStars is a PlayStation 5 exclusive vehicular combat game, free for PS+ subscribers throughout February and March 2021. You can count the number of PS5 exclusives currently available to play on the fingers of one hand, so the excitement surrounding the release of Destruction AllStars is understandable.

Looking and feeling a bit like a crossover between Rocket League and Overwatch, Destruction AllStars sees its heroes begin a match with their car. But once their vehicle is destroyed by their opponents, a hero must play out the rest of the match on foot — a tricky but far from impossible challenge.

There are 16 different hero characters to choose from in Destruction AllStars — all vivid personalities — driving bespoke cars that are no less distinctive.

Each character has two unique abilities known as Breakers — one used while driving, one while on foot — which can be deployed against their opponents to turn the match in their favour.

So if you’re wondering who to pick when you start playing, read on below, where we’ve detailed each character’s abilities:

Angelo Avello

This narcissistic hero is pretty and he knows it — and he expects everyone else to agree with him. His car is called “Number One”, which really tells you everything you need to know.

Car Breaker: The radar dish atop “Number One” can be used to track an opponent’s vehicle, allowing Angelo to chase it down with increases to speed and damage.

Hero Breaker: Angelo’s suit contains flashbulbs (because of course it does) that can be used to disorient opponents by limiting their vision and hearing in his proximity.


Nature is blue in tooth and claw according to this guy, who’s wearing a tiger’s head for a helmet. His car “Shredder” is kitted out with sawblades that can deal some serious damage to opponents’ vehicles.

Car Breaker: The sawblades on “Shredder” will cut through literally anything — including the arena floor, which results in a loss of speed.

Hero Breaker: Anyone trying to barge BlueFang will instead be knocked down themselves.


We’ve all come to appreciate that delivery people are some of the real heroes, and plucky Boxtop is taking things one step further. With his vehicle the “Boxmobile”, he’s weaponised a few ordinary cardboard boxes to devastating effect.

Car Breaker: Deploys a drone which drops parcels filled with fireworks onto opponents, dealing damage.

Hero Breaker: Drops parcels to knock down opponents who are on foot.


Between the devil horns, the gas mask, and the nickname, you can’t accuse Fuego of lacking a consistent theme. His car “Cerberus” and the fact that both of his Breakers involve fire really round out the underworld imagery.

Car Breaker: “Cerberus” becomes surrounded by fire, dealing extra damage at close range.

Hero Breaker: Leaves a trail of fire in his wake while running that will damage other opponents on the ground.


Genesis’s whole deal is very simple, but no less powerful for it: she’s the fastest character in the game, whether in her car “Callisto” or running around the arena on her blade prosthetics.

Car Breaker: “Callisto” is the fastest vehicle in the line-up, and deals heavy damage when hitting an opponent at top speed. (However, hitting a wall will cause “Callisto” to take that damage!)

Hero Breaker: Genesis’s Breaker allows her to run at her maximum speed, far outpacing her opponents.


Both sleek and streamlined, Hana and her car “Sabre” are among the most intimidating opponents you can face in Destruction AllStars, possessing a couple of the most powerful damage-dealing Breakers in the game.

Car Breaker: An indestructible blade cuts an opponent vehicle in half after a head-on ram.

Hero Breaker: Barging an opponent results in a one-hit K.O.


This stylishly waistcoated hero is all about her music — the louder the better. Both she and her car “CRASHendo” are all about pumping up the volume to discombobulate the opposition.

Car Breaker: Speakers mounted on “CRASHendo”‘s roof emit a supersonic shockwave blast which can insta-wreck an enemy vehicle if it throws them into a wall.

Hero Breaker: Barging causes Harmony to emit a supersonic blast, allowing for increased attack distance.


He may look harmless enough, but Jian’s got a few devilish tricks up his sleeve. His car “Morningstar” is covered in retractable spikes, and he’s also carrying a handy supply of traps to deploy when on foot.

Car Breaker: Deploys retractable spikes all over the car’s shell for a few seconds at a time to keep rammers at bay.

Hero Breaker: Drops proximity mines around the arena that knock runners down and damage cars.


You might expect this arctic wolf themed hero to favour some sort of ice attack. But as the name of her car “Wildfire” suggests, her element of choice is in fact quite the opposite.

Car Breaker: “Wildfire” leaves behind a trail of fire in its wake, damaging any heroes or vehicles that pass through it.

Hero Breaker: Lupita leaves behind the same fire trail as “Wildfire” when running, with identical effects.


There’s something magnetic about Muna that goes far beyond her physical beauty. The same could be said for her car, the aptly named “Gravitron”.

Car Breaker: Magnetically attracts scrap metal from the arena floor to form damage-reducing armour around the car.

Hero Breaker: Activates nearby traps to create obstacles for other vehicles. Muna will gain bonus points whenever an opponent hits an obstruction she created.


To all appearances Ratu looks like a boxing enthusiast, so it’s slightly surprising to learn that she and her car “Barong” both specialise in pushing their opponents as far away from them as possible — ideally dealing some damage at the same time.

Car Breaker: “Barong” builds up a charge by damaging enemies. Once fully charged, it deploys a heavy-damage radial blast.

Hero Breaker: Radiates a concussion blast which blasts vehicles and barges running opponents.

Sgt. Rescue

This guy is committed to non-offensive tactics, and seems to have worked for a number of emergency services in his time. He’s clearly dressed for a mountain rescue, but both he and his car “Smoke Commander” give an unusual twist to the concept of firefighting.

Car Breaker: Deploys thick smoke to hinder opponents’ vision.

Hero Breaker: Same as the Car Breaker on “Smoke Commander”.


This technology enthusiast might well have been playing a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 recently, judging by his cyber-tech outfit and the appearance of his car “Cypher”. His play style is largely defensive, and is built around going unseen in the arena.

Car Breaker: Becomes invisible and cloaked to opponents’ radars. A slight shimmer remains to give others a fighting chance of spotting him.

Hero Breaker: Same as the Car Breaker on “Cypher”.


Her appearance may be too cutesy to believe, and that’s probably because you shouldn’t. Animé robot cat girl Tw!nkleR1ot and her pink kitty-themed car “Mr. Sparkles” are happiest when they’re dealing as much damage to their opponents as possible.

Car Breaker: “Mr. Sparkles” grows angrier with each hit, putting up bumpers and dealing increasing damage every time.

Hero Breaker: Allows her to barge repeatedly with no cool-down time.

Ultimo Barricado

As this luchador’s hero name suggests, he and his car “The Undisputed” are both built like reinforced brick walls, making it hard to land any significant damage on them.

Car Breaker: Front-end shields provide increased protection from and damage to opponents. The back end of the vehicle remains comparatively vulnerable, however.

Hero Breaker: Ultimo Barricado becomes completely invulnerable to opponents’ cars and barges while his Breaker is active.


Both Xander and his car “Xero” are designed around an x-ray of a skeleton, which is a clue of sorts as to how this technology-loving hero likes to gain his edge in the arena.

Car Breaker: Marks a single opponent’s vehicle to receive extra damage from “Xero”. The opponent is alerted to this, giving them a chance to evade.

Hero Breaker: Uniquely, Xander has access to two complementary abilities. He can use his radar to see through walls, and can drop traps while running to knock over opponents.

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