August 4, 2021

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Destiny 2’s The Dawning event kicks off next week

The annual holiday event in Destiny 2 will kick off next week.

Destiny 2 players can participate in The Dawning from December 15 to January 5.

During the event, Eva Levante wants you to head to the Tower to learn a new recipe, you will be able to participate in activities, complete missions, bounties, and more.

The new sweets will need a recipe, ingredient materials, and a Holiday Oven. There will be new vendors and seasonal rewards for completion.

You will earn Dawning Spirit by completing missions, bounties, and recipes and there will be both personal and communal goals available. The more Spirit you generate, the better the rewards Eva will have for everyone.

As the community generates Dawning Spirit by completing activities, you will also be able to progress a special community pursuit “with your cookie skills.”

There will be a new Exotic ship, and earning Dawning Spirit will unlock three selectable engine effects, a unique transmat effect, an animated shader unique to the ship.

There’s also the ability to earn the new Legendary Fusion Rifle Glacioclasm. The new Legendary weapon will be introduced with random rolls available.

There will also be stuff on the Eververse store and all of the new items added to the store will be available at some point for Bright Dust with the exception of the Glee Barrage and Merry Maker weapon ornaments and Happy Trails finisher which will be available for Silver.

Below you can get a look at a few of the Sparrows, Ghost Shells, and a ship.

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