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Demon Turf is a deceptively deep 3D platformer that N64 fans should love

The 3D platformer is dead, or so I’ve heard at least once a year since around the time of the GameCube’s less than stellar sales performance. Nintendo, thanks to Mario, is so closely linked to the genre that any blip in its fortunes results in panic that the classic genre is close to extinction. In truth it never has been and it likely never will be.

The games evolve, perhaps throwing in more combat and less precision jumping, but the genre remains pretty strong. If, however, you want a proper test of skill, a game designed around nailing the platforming mechanics on offer and competing to be the best, Demon Turf is a game that should jump to the top of your most wanted list.

Initially the most striking aspect of Demon Turf is the 3D environments mixed with a 2D playable character and NPCs. This effect gives the game a rather unique appearance, and despite some initial concerns I think it looks great. I have a feeling the aesthetic will be rather divisive, but I like that the small development team went for something different.

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