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Console FOV in Warzone still has a lot of players up in arms

If you’ve been a Warzone player for a while, especially a console player who prefers to dive down into the fray from the comfort of a couch rather than a gaming chair, then you’ll likely be aware of the ongoing discussion surrounding field of view (FOV) sliders.

For those unaware, a simple description of what FOV refers to is the amount you can see on your screen at any time. Where Warzone gets flack on this topic is the sheer difference between what players on consoles can see, compared to those playing on PC.

As it stands, console players are able to max out their FOV to 80, while PC players can ramp that up all the way to 120, giving them an extra 50% larger view of their surroundings. In a game like Warzone, with a quick time-to-kill especially in close quarters, this gives PC players a vast advantage.

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