December 9, 2022

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Civilization 6’s adding Kublai Khan, Vietnam, and more in latest New Frontier Pass DLC

Civilization 6’s next New Frontier Pass DLC update arrives next Thursday, 28th January, and developer Firaxis has now confirmed it’ll include new leader Kublai Khan, new civilisation Vietnam, and a economy-focussed game mode known as Monopolies and Corporations.

Firaxis says it’s a more detailed breakdown of Vietnam, described as a “culture and terrain focussed” civilisation, for an upcoming First Look video, but teases that it’ll be lead by a still-mysterious “god-like figure whose achievements have become stuff of legend” known for their “bravery, guerrilla tactics, and deadly temper”.

Also scheduled for a more thorough First Look reveal is the “jolly but ruthless conquerer” Kublai Khan, an alternative leader for the China and Mongolia civilisations, with abilities said to create “new and unique opportunities” during play.

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