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Chinese version of Fortnite shutting down in November

The Chinese version of Epic Games’ Fortnite will shut down in the middle of this month. A special version of the battle royale mode of the game designed to adhere to China’s strict game regulations and ran by gaming giant Tencent, Epic’s testing of the waters ultimately fell short and is slated to shut down its servers on November 15. New registrations are no longer being taken after today, either.

Tencent’s test version of Fortnite designed with China in mind is different from the Fortnite the rest of the world knows: no in-app purchases or depiction of skulls and blood, just to name a couple of changes.

Fortnite China’s closure is likely a cost-saving measure in the face of still not gaining approval from the government. Analyst Daniel Ahmad explained in a tweet that “the cost of changes / operating the game / extending the license does not make sense anymore, given there is no approval for it at this point”.

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