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Call of Duty: Vanguard – New cinematic trailer links Verdansk to Caldera

A new cinematic trailer has dropped for the new Warzone map coming soon after the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, showing how exactly we get from an ravaged soviet city to a luscious pacific island… in the past. The trailer acts as the first major link we’ve seen between the two maps, and has managed to answer the community’s biggest question regarding how we get to Caldera, while creating loads more questions to scratch our heads about.

The trailer features Adler and the rest of the Call of Duty: Cold War gang making their way into an uncovered bunker in Verdansk following the recent earthquakes that destroyed much of the map. Making their way inside, the group discovers the bunker was a secret hideout for the Nazis. They come across Captain Butcher, a returning character from Call of Duty: WW2, who explains that he created Vanguard. Revealing a map beneath a nazi flag, Butcher explains that following the war they chased down nazis across the globe starting in the pacific. The cinematic portion ends as he points to Caldera – the new Warzone map.

Following the cinematic explaining the narrative aspect of our leap from Verdansk to Caldera, we get a short glimpse at the new map through several dogfighting shots as WW2 era planes battle over the island. This is the first time we’ve seen plane combat in action, having previously been revealed in an official blog post.

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