April 18, 2021

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Bloober Team’s haunted house horror Layers of Fear heading to PSVR later this month

PlayStation VR owners with a lust for unease and a taste for the disorientating will soon be able to traipse the halls of Bloober Team’s psychedelic haunted house horror Layers of Fear VR, which opens its door on 29th April.

Originally released for PC at the tail-end of 2019, Layers of Fear VR does pretty much exactly what it says on the label, delivering a more intensely immersive version of Bloober Team’s delirious 2016 horror specifically designed for virtual reality headsets.

Layers of Fear, if you’re unfamiliar, tells the tale of a tortured painter as he attempts to complete his masterpiece – a process that draws players into an increasingly hallucinatory nightmare, with the game’s beautifully realised gothic mansion setting warping and reconfiguring itself into ever-more-impossible arrangements, and delivering some deliciously disorientating, frequently unforgettable set-pieces in the process.

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