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Beautiful management sim Spiritfarer sells a million units

Thunder Lotus announced that their gorgeous 2D management simulator Spiritfarer sold a million copies, making the indie game an undeniable success. They also marked the occasion to coincide with the launch of the Farewell Edition, closing the book on Spiritfarer for good.

The game whose developer describes it as a “cozy management game about dying” released to rave reviews in 2020 and featured regular free content updates that added more spirits to ferry to the afterlife and expanded the already expansive world of the game. Farewell Edition brings together all the content updates with the base game for a complete experience.

The latest content update is also now available. The Jackie and Daria Update adds a new island, two new spirits, and a new event. This will be the last content update the game will receive, hence why the definitive edition release is dubbed the Farewell Edition.

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