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Battlefield fans are obsessed with 2042’s shrinking player numbers, as they reach new lows

Though Battlefield 2042 is unquestionably in a better technical state now than it was at launch in November last year, the sentiment around the game and developer DICE are at an all-time low. The studio’s perceived slow pace to respond to community feedback, or outline future plans have pushed many to desperation.

DICE’s first Twitter post of the year, seemingly teasing a new map, didn’t help, either. The main Battlefield 2042 subreddit nearly shutdown because it got so toxic, with some shifting from criticising the game’s design to mocking its developers.

But there’s been another trend you could clearly see take shape in the background: players’ tracking of the game’s player numbers, to a point that makes it seem like they want it to fail. It all started towards the end of the year, when Battlefield 2042 took a big hit to its player base on Steam.

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