October 18, 2021

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Babylon’s Fall updates visuals so they’re no longer a blurry mess

Babylon’s Fall has existed in this weird state where many PlatinumGames fans are aware it’s the studio’s next big game, but there seems to be hardly any excitement for it. In July, the developer concluded the first of three beta tests for the game.

This was players’ first ever opportunity to go hands-on with the multiplayer action game, but even before the test went live, many had a lot of misgivings about the game’s visual style, which we got to see when Babylon’s Fall was re-revealed at E3 in June.

It seems Platinum took this feedback on board, because the studio has announced a change to the game’s look, which should hopefully make it easier on the eyes. More specifically, the game has done away with the pixelated, filtered aesthetic for a sharper, more in-focus look.

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