March 24, 2023

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | Should you kill or spare Ciara?

In the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids DLC, Eivor once again plays kingmaker. After joining their cousin on the island of Ireland, Eivor manages to install Flann Sinna as high king, despite the plotting of a nefarious subfaction of druids.

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At the climax of the story, fearing for the stability and Christian future of their homeland, the petty kings of Ireland pressure Flann into persecuting the whole druid population, despite the protestations of his long-time advisor and poetess, Ciara.

Distraught at the prospect of her family and friends being forced to abandon their culture, Ciara flees to Tuam to awaken an ancient stone monolith – likely a large-scale Piece of Eden – and unleash its power against Flann and the other kings.

After defeating Ciara and the fighters mind-controlled by the Piece of Eden in combat, Eivor is presented with a difficult choice.

Should they kill Ciara so that the monolith’s power can never be used again? Or should they spare Ciara’s life and find another way to resolve the issue?

Here’s what happens if you pick either option. As you would expect, take this as a spoiler warning for what happens after both choices.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids | Should you kill or spare Ciara?

Throughout your adventures in Ireland, Ciara has been a welcoming friend to Eivor and a wise advisor to Flann Sinna. But after showing the full extent of the power she can call upon, it might be difficult for her to return to a normal life.

Despite showing remorse for her actions, Ciara still pleads with Eivor to kill her so that she cannot be used by malicious entities again.

Without going into too much detail first, you can choose either option and the outcome will be largely the same.

For a more detailed explanation, check out the lists below.

If you choose to spare Ciara:

  • Despite its significance to the druids and her ancestors, if you spare Ciara’s life she is convinced to destroy the monolith and remove its power from the world
  • Flann apologizes to Ciara and pledges to protect the true druids in Ireland
  • Ciara leaves Flann’s court to live away from people that might seek to use her power
  • In the following scene, Flann tells Eivor that the inquisition has been halted and Eivor remakes that Ciara would be happy with the outcome

If you choose to kill Ciara:

  • Eivor strikes Ciara down, to the dismay of Flann, who destroys the monolith himself
  • A very similar scene then plays where Flann tells Eivor that the inquisition has been stopped, and Eivor sadly remarks that Ciara would have been pleased

Basically, it seems like the only difference between the two choices is that Ciara is dead. In both outcomes, the monolith is destroyed and the inquisition is stopped.

Therefore, you’re free to save Ciara’s life if you wish – with very few consequences.

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