July 1, 2022

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Assassins’ Creed Valhalla: Find Every Wealth, Gear, and Ability in Norway

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This page of IGN’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki contains info to help you find all the Wealth in Rygjafylke, Norway.

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Wealth points of interest are sites that include major resources. These include Ingots, Gear, and Book of Knowledge Abilities. There are 22 Wealth points in the Rygjafylke region of Norway (this does not include small treasure chests). The breakdown of Wealth includes:

  • 14x Carbon Ingots
  • 5x Gear Pieces
  • 3x Book of Knowledge Abilities

See the sections below for details of all the locations where Wealth can be found, and use our Checklist feature to mark off which ones you’ve obtained!

There are fourteen ingots you can find in the Rygjafylke region.

  • Location: Avardsnes

Chest inside the longhouse.


  • Location: Stavanger – In the basement of a house near the shore.

From the road, enter the basement of the house by walking through the curtain in the front. Once inside move the shelf that’s against the wall to access a tunnel. Shoot the clamp off the suspended crate to clear path to the chest.

  • Location: Stavanger – Restricted Area
Inside a house located within a restricted area on the SW side of the town. The doors are barred but you can enter the house from the roof by break the wood at the top.
  • Location: About halfway up the mountain in a cave close to 130m away from Hyvlatonna
From the enemy camp in Hyvlatonna, head Southwest and use the ledges and trees of the mountain side to travel across the cliff face. There will be enemies stationed on different ledges. Deal with the them before they have a chance to push you off the mountain. Once you make it through under the waterfall, there will be a small cave entrance where you’ll find some loot inside. Keep following the cliffside until you reach the larger cave entrance lit by a torch. Destroy the wooden walls blocking the path to get inside and collect the Wealth
  • Location: Hyvlatonna
Kill and loot the Skull Crusher. You need to loot his body after killing him; so, make sure you don’t knock him off the mountain.
  • Location: Haervik Shipyards

Kill and loot the War-Band Chief.

  • Location: Inside the tower of the enemy outpost on the mountain near the northeastern border of Rygjafylke.
The chest is on the bottom floor, but the door is locked; so, you must enter the tower from the top floor. If you want to avoid conflict approach the outpost from the mountain top and use the ropes that span toward the tower to enter it from the top. Shoot an arrow at the enemy atop the tower. Enter the tower and go down the ladders to find the chest on the bottom floor.
  • Location: Underwater shipwreck 600m East of the Deserted Chalet.
Dive down to find the shipwreck and perform a heavy attack to destroy the vertical wooden walls. With the walls destroyed; you can swim inside the wreckage and loot the chest.
  • Location: Locked chest inside the Deserted Chalet.
  • Location: Heillboer, underneath the house
Find the hidden entrance near the shore on the north side of Evior’s house. Use your torch and head down the tunnel. Inside the large area pull the moveable shelf out of the way to gain access to a hidden section containing the Wealth and some chests.
  • Location: Hoettrsrand – Atop an icy rock pillar next to a ship wreck.

The ice prevents you from climbing directly to the top. Use the shipwreck and climb the mast to the very top. From there you can jump and reach the wooden pillars of the platform above. From the platform climb the part of the pillar with no ice to reach a ledge above with a campfire. Shoot the clamp to cause the rest of the ladder to drop (there are arrow next to the campfire if you need to reload). Climb up the ladder to reach the chest at the top.

  • Location: Eikundarsund

Kill and loot the Arrow Horde in the tower.

  • Location: Abandoned Cabin 250m East of Elgrfors
Enter the cabin through the back and toss a couple of torches of the top of the wall in the center of the room. Once you hear the jars break, go to the front door and push the shelve forward to enter. Climb over the shelf to reach the chest.
  • Location: Kjotve’s Fortress – Between the first and final gates inside a house on the right.

There are five pieces of Gear you can find in the Rygjafylke region.

  • Location: Ikke en Oy

Found the the island during the quest “Honor Bound

  • Location: Gryttirsand – Marauder’s Den

Chest is on a platform hanging overhead. Climb to the to of the building on the South side and jump from the roof’s post to get onto the hanging platform.

  • Location: Haervik Shipyards, underground near the northern corner.

Find the square hole on the ground that acts as an entrance to the mineshaft below. Climb down the ladder to find the chest.

  • Location: Eikundarsund – Chest inside the main building on the southern side of the base.
  • Location: Kjotve’s Fortress – Near the temple.

There are three abilities you can find in the Rygjafylke region.

  • Location: Gryttirsand – Inside the central tower.

Climb the ladder outside to enter the tower. Once inside break the wooden section of the floor to gain access to the room below containing the book.

  • Location: Cave behind the waterfall on the mountainside west of Kjotve’s Fortress

Find the hidden entrance behind the water fall and enter the tunnel. Keep following the tunnel and use a heavy attack to destroy any ice sheets blocking your path.

  • Location: Nottfall – Cave entrance at the southern edge of the town.

Enter the cave until you reach the barred door. Jump over right side of the wall to inside.

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