October 4, 2022

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Essexe Traitor | Is Gerhild or Lork the traitor?

As Eivor continues to forge alliances around England in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, they travel southeast to play matchmaker in Essexe. But as their cunning plan comes together, another traitor threatens to scupper the whole ruse.

To take Ealdorman Birstan’s estranged wife Estrid back to her homeland of Francia, the Wolf-Kissed enlists the help of a Dane captain, Rollo. But after whisking him out from under the nose of the King of Wessex, you return to his camp to find it in ruin.

The survivors have narrowed the betrayer down to two: Gerhild, Rollo’s shield-sister, and Lork, a supposedly-faithful warrior pledged to Rollo’s father.

Either Gerhild or Lork is the Essexe traitor, but Eivor will have to gather evidence to work out who.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Is Gerhild or Lork the Essexe traitor?

To establish who the traitor is, you first need to speak to both Gerhild and Lork to get their side of the story.

Ask after Gerhild’s location at the time of the Saxon attack, and she’ll say she was out hunting rabbits.

Next ask Lork, and he’ll say he was hunting rabbits as well. However, he’ll also say that he saw Gerhild talking to a saxon, implying her guilt. When Eivor remains skeptical of his story, he’ll make allusions to his loyalty to Rollo and his father, but lets slip that he’s tired of the fighting life and of his oath to Rollo’s family.

With that testimony in mind, now it’s time to search the camp.

Use your Odin’s Sight and survey the area. You’ll see a game rack up by the fire, and a flattened patch in the bushes.

Inspect the game rack and you’ll observe that there’s plenty of food left. Both Gerhild and Lork are lying about their whereabouts.

Now go over and search the bushes. You’ll see that someone hid there during the attack.

Armed with some new facts, it’s time to speak to the accused again.

Tell Gerhild that you know she was lying, and that Lork says that she’s the traitor. She’ll reply that she was out at a romantic encounter with a Saxon local.

Then tell Lork that you know he was lying. He’ll tell you that he was slacking off, asleep in the forest when he was woken by the attack. He says that he hid in the bushes – corroborating the flattened patch you found.

Now speak to Rollo to collate your information. He quickly agrees that Gerhild was lying about hunting, because she’s always been a poor archer. He also casts doubt on her story about meeting a Saxon, saying she’s always held disdain for them.

Discuss Lork’s possible betrayal, and Rollo will be surprised. He agrees that Lork grows weary of the Vikingr life, but says that he would have released him if he’d only asked.

Based on the evidence you’ve collected, the Essexe traitor is Gerhild.

You know this because both warriors lied about their whereabouts, but Lork is the only one you can pin down.

Based on your search of the camp, you know that he hid in the bushes after slinking off for a nap. But the only way Gerhild could have been around the camp for him to see and not caught up in the attack is if she was in cahoots with the Saxons.

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