March 25, 2023

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Annapurna Interactive teases Outer Wilds DLC

Fans of the excellent Outer Wilds, take note: publisher Annapurna Interactive has teased its first slice of extra content.

Last night, fans spotted an unannounced Outer Wilds DLC named Echoes of the Eye pop up on Steam’s backend. Shortly after, Annapurna picked up on the speculation and retweeted it, with a teasing eye emoji. Writer Kelsey Beachum then retweeted that, this time with four eye emojis.

The Eye of the Universe is an object in the Outer Wilds which we won’t get into here – it’s pretty spoilery, though you can read the game’s Wiki entry on it for a nice recap. Suffice to say, any DLC focusing on this will likely expand on the larger mysteries set up by the main game.

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