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Analogue Pocket review: the ultimate retro handheld

This is it, the Analogue Pocket, the closest we’ve come yet to the definitive retro portable, capable of playing a wide range of handheld cartridge games including the entire Game Boy Catalogue and Sega’s Game Gear. It’s a beautifully crafted device with a huge screen, based on an FPGA processor. Think of this as a chip that can be reprogrammed to match the actual logic of the original hardware, giving nigh-on perfect simulation of how those old consoles worked. So that’s the theory but does the Analogue Pocket deliver? For this review, Analogue sent us a black review unit along with the dock and associated accessories to find out.

There’s no denying that the Analogue Pocket is a beautiful device – precise lines, subtly rounded corners and a beautiful Gorilla Glass screen lens impress when you first pick up the unit. It instantly feels premium in a way that exceeds anything Analogue has done in the past and this is important because, unlike, say, the Mega Sg, you’ll be holding the Pocket in your hands most of the time. The unit feels solid yet reasonably light – the face buttons are configured in the traditional diamond shape while start and select buttons rest near the bottom, straddling the menu button, which has multiple uses in this case.

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