January 27, 2023

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Amazon is lowering prices on PC and Xbox games for the Spring Sale

Amazon’s Spring Sale is in full swing, and a big part of that seems to be discounts on PC and Xbox gaming, with a particular emphasis on EA’s back catalogue to boot. It’s especially good news for those who love the Sims, as Sims 4 and practically all its DLC has been lowered in price for the duration of the sale!

We’ve listed some of the best options below, and we’ll be keeping you updated across the whole of the sale! Check out the full list here, or see if anything below speaks to you!

Most of these deals look like they’ll be lasting for the full length of the sale, giving you a good length of time to make your mind up. It’s also worth mentioning that most of them are digital codes, not physical copies, so let that inform your buying habits if you have a preference for either one.

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