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Activision Blizzard makes promises for pay equity and greater diversity, hedges against expectations

Activision Blizzard shared a letter from the company president and COO Daniel Alegre that showed diversity data for the entire company and pledges to improve on this front and on the pay gap that currently exists. The release also tempers these pledges with a warning that the company might not meet these goals due to “risks and uncertainties”.

First, the letter reveals some diversity data on the company that looks like a mixed bag. Highlights include how Activision Blizzard’s percentage of women in its work force is in line with other companies’ reporting at 24%, but that individual companies within the Activision Blizzard umbrella vary wildly. As well, 36% are from an underrepresented ethnic group, which is lower than other companies, which make up 40%.

The letter follows up this data with fresh promises on how it will improve representation and close the pay gap. Specifically, these pledges are:

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