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A Little Golf Journey review – a streamlined delight

I’m not sure you’ve played golf until you’ve played it in the moonlight. In the moonlight under the pink blossom – I think it’s blossom – with the fireflies coasting and the lanterns – I think they’re lanterns – shining from their perches. A Little Golf Journey will take you here, and early on in its campaign as well! World 2: night golfing! Blossom and fireflies! No need to worry about lost balls.

No need to worry about much of anything. A Little Golf Journey is ease itself. Across its neat, low-poly landscapes, you play a streamlined game of golf that still manages to capture the game’s precise pleasures and ASMR detailing. Move a little cursor around to direct your shot. Hold a trigger to stretch the shot further, but be aware that there will be more sway, more of a game of probabilities, to where the shot lands. Hold another trigger to steady your heart and battle the sway. Shoot! The rest is all detailing – move the camera about, reverse the camera – very useful this – so you can shoot from the perspective of where you want the ball to land. Knock the ball in the hole as economically as you can, and earn a bunch of stars for your performance.

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