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A Little Golf Journey is the relaxing Switch game I didn’t know I wanted

I love a bit of golf. I used to play, mostly badly, when I was younger, and still enjoy watching the major tournaments when I get a chance. I also got addicted to PGA Tour 2K21 and play at least one round of adventure golf a month during the summer. A Little Golf Journey on Switch and PC sort of combines all these things into a casual stroll of a game I’m going to be happy to chip away at for some time to come.

Broadly, this is a golf game like every other: you must hit a ball through an environment, eventually landing on a green, then putting the ball into the hole. It’s golf by any definition. What A Little Golf Journey doesn’t worry about too much is the stuff that usually goes hand in hand with all that – the stuff that might put some people off the sport.

There’s no club selection here. There’s no Par, no birdies, no bogeys, no competition. Each hole, part of a world of sorts (accessed via an old-school Mario-like map), gives up stars. You’ll earn a certain number of these stars depending on how many strokes it takes to get the ball in the hole. More stars open up new areas, but there’s never any sense of peril or stress. “Oh, no, I’ve wolloped the ball into that lake!” No bother, just restart the hole, no harm done. You haven’t just lost a major having been three strokes clear on the final tee.

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